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Oldgreyheron - the name
The story of the name is quite straight forward really!
It started when a small group of us at work wanted to do some additional training associated with developing our counselling skills. We were interested in the use of metaphor in counselling and communication in general, and one of my colleagues agreed to set the training event up.
When he sent the invitation out, being the character that he is, he wrote the email in the form of a short story in which he took on the persona of a badger wanting to play with his friends in the wood.
Before we all really realised what was happening, all the members of the team replied choosing an animal identity for themselves and played along with the story line.
As you will have guessed, I elected to be the grey heron circling over and around everyone else ... the "old" bit came along a bit later when I tried to find a Hotmail address and eventually this domain name.
Things have changed now because I have moved on, but for a long time the members of the team exchanged messages using our assumed animal names and developing an extended story to cover the subjects we needed to discuss. In true metaphor style, some quite difficult things were rather frankly and constructively debated from the perspective of the chosen animal identity.
I'll fly away now and leave you with your vision of the possibilities that arise when you're an animal of your chosen type in the landscape of your imagination.