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Hello, thanks for dropping in.  

This is a personal web site containing things which interest me and perhaps may interest you too!
My name is Mike Eccles and I live and work in the North East of England.  There is much more about me personally on the About me page which you can access from the menu above or the link embedded in this text.
The “oldgreyheron” name does have a background - you should find a link above under the “Home” link - if you cannot see it, perhaps you have ActiveX blocked - it only affects menus here!  Otherwise use this link.
The site is in a continual state of flux as my thoughts and ideas change, but underpinning it is a Christian faith which will influence all of the content.  
Notwithstanding that foundation, the content is varied and will I hope appeal to visitors from all personal convictions - please explore.
Please follow the links above to take you to the areas in the site that intrigue you, and do drop in regularly as I expand the scope. This site will change quite routinely as new topics and ideas come to me.
I will focus on my faith, words that have inspired me, my garden and my photography... More will emerge - I am certain of it!
I am in the process of making a major revamp of this site so many features will not work at present - please come back as things change!